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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Same old IDEA

IDEA cellular has succeeded in messing up my day one more time.. heres the mail i had to send out a few minutes ago.


my idea number - 9964800089
in the name of chaitanya krishnan
has been having the same problem every month, calls keep getting barred, even though there is plenty of talk time ..
everytime it happens i call your useless helpline, and they get it enabled.

They never suggest a solution that will prevent this from happening again.. other than the usual "we'll report it sir and make sure it doesn't happen again"

today when i called them at arround 2:00pm, they told me that-
"Our application is too slow..we are unable to check the account details so please call back at 5pm and we'l try to fix it then" ...

i have to say, that i never had these kind of stupid issues when i was on spice .. and even when idea took over, it was fine. all this nonsense started after i switched to postpaid.
rather than providing me with better service(as any postpaid customer should be entitled to) i ended up getting this kind of shoddy service from you guys.

i hope you fix this current issue and enable my outgoing asap.. or i promise you i'l just switch over to a simple hassle free prepaid connection on airtel or vodaphone, or one of your other competitors
i believe in a few months time i'll even have the facility to retain my current numbers after switching services.. so don't keep giving me excuses to make the switch.
yours truely, an extremely dissatisfied idea postpaid customer.(check your records, you'l find this is not the first time, ive had a ridiculous grievance with you guys..)

chaitanya krishnan
Interaction Warrior and Space Bender

ph: 91 9844044048

please think about the environment before you print this out,
and only print if absolutely necessary. And if you do print it out... I hope you feel a little guilty that you contributed to the death of a poor innocent tree.
Sent from Karnataka, India

This is not the first time i've had a problem with idea that their helpline couldn't help me with. i had a problem a few months ago, and it got resolved shortly after a mail like this one. click here to see that old stinker.

someone from IDEA called me yesterday evening and we sorted it out promptly.. in minutes. why couldn't the helpline people do it in the first place is beyond my understanding.

heres the email response:

Dear Mr. Chaitanya krishnan,

Reference: 9964800089 and 9844044048

Warm greetings from Idea Karnataka and thank you for writing to us

Mr. Chaitanya krishnan, with reference to your mail, we sincerely regret the inconvenience caused to you. Further to our discussion, outgoing call service on mobile number 9964800089 has been reactivated. Also we wish to inform you that credit limit of numbers 9964800089 and 9844044048 have been increased to Rs.1500/- on your request. Request you to revert back for further clarifications if any.

It has always been our constant endeavor to provide best of services to our valued subscribers.

Should you have any further queries, do get in touch with our customer care on 9844012345 or you could mail us on or visit so that your query can be dealt with promptly.

Thanking you,
Warm regards,
Nodal Officer
Idea - Karnataka

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