Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Heard it on the way to work today- Fireflies

Owl City: Fireflies

Heard this song on the radio, on my way to the studio today.. loved the lyrics.. so looked it up on youtube later.. loved the video too :) ;)
Wish i had a keyboard like this..wired to all the crazy junk that used to gather dust in my room. :lol:

bit of info on Owl City -
Owl City is an American synthpop musical project by Adam Young. who was then joined by Breanne Düren(background vocals/keyboards), Matthew Decker (drums), Laura Musten (violin), and Hannah Schroeder (cello). Matt Thiessen(American Christian rock band Relient K vocalist) has toured and collaborated with Owl City on several tracks including in the hit single "Fireflies".

Fireflies reminded me a lot of the song by Postal Service- such great heights apparently Adam Young has confirmed that he is a fan of the band (source: wikipedia).

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