Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Visitors and Stalkers

There were always a few cats to be seen on the rooftops of the buildings surrounding the Flip studio. They usually refrained from getting too close, coz of our dogs. However after the new office ruling that forbids us from bringing along our canine escorts.. these guys have gotten bolder. It started with one grey youngling exploring the hallway just outside the room i sit in.. and now -

this white fluffy beauty lazily reclined and monitoring our activities.. probably curious to know if the canine arch-nemesis' are gone for good :) or just lurking in the shadows somewhere
she didn't even twitch when i moved in for a closer shot!

The other ones who constantly stalk me are the crows.. they wait for me on the tree outside the window.. and KAW at me untill i put some food out on a ledge for them :)

more grainy mobile pics of their extortionistic antics are inevitable

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