Saturday, April 24, 2010

Messed up Weekend X(

was the usual saturday evening, watching a cricket match.. while doing some work on the comp.. suddenly theres was this sharp crunch sound. wife said the aquarium cracked.. i looked up from the computer screen and there it was.. :(

the back facing glass pane had in fact cracked! so i rushed out to the garage and came back with the hose and a bucket to start emptying the tank.. when it started leaking and then gushing water all over the living room floor! :cry:

so now that time was of the essence, me and my wife's friend grabbed some buckets and started dumping it out manually(hose would be too slow). and then we put the fish in a big bucket that we have for the laundry...

poor guys found the whole transfer quite traumatising.. wonder how many will survive :(

I'm pretty sure its because the stand was not even.. to begin with.. i told the aquarium guy when he was installing it(in october) that it looked un-even..

but he said it wouldn't matter.. the thermacol layer would let it settle evenly.. :mad:
need to give him a piece of my mind tomorow :down: :bomb:

had to move the fish to the office tank last week.. theyre a lot happier now. The aquarium guy has gone underground :bomb: . Have decided to fix it without him, will get a local aquarist to fix the tank, and get a carpenter to build a sturdier and level stand with good old wood/lumber. this is gonna be a really busy weekend. :irked:

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