Monday, April 26, 2010

Started watching Human Target

Started watching a show called human Target. Was curious about it for a while, seeing as its based on the comic book by DC/vertigo.

The show follows the "missions" of Christopher Chase a bodyguard who protects his clients by going undercover.. usually as a nondescript employee. This is where the show deviates from the comic where chase actually impersonates his clients and lures the assassins etc.. out of the shadows.

Nevertheless, each episode thus far has been quite actionpacked.. and fun to watch.
The pilot and second episode were kind of spectacular.. the opening titles which started with episode 2 appeal to the painter in me :) see for yourself


Almost forgot to mention if you like Jackie Earle Haley's work (Rorshach in the Watchmen movie), then get ready for some more great stuff.. he acts as Guerrero – An ex-assassin who went rogue and then joined chase.. helping him with each mission.. using his extensive list of underworld contacts.
Its also good to see Chi McBride(principal Harper in Boston Public) as Detective Laverne Winston.
oh and the first episode has everyone's favourite cylon :love: guest starring as his client.. see the trailer below for some fun bits from the episode.

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