Monday, June 21, 2010

20min with Sculptris

Found this brilliant 3d sculpting tool called Sculptris, by Tomas Pettersson. Tomas created this thing over the last 6months(started in Nov 2009) as a hobby.. WOW :yikes:
Its completely FREE and only a 3mb download! get it here.

First let me say that he did not mean to take on the likes of Zbrush or Mudbox or anyother 3d app that has sculpting tools built in..

However after watching this video of it in use,

and then spending 20min with it myself, i have to say i'm pretty freaking impressed!
So this is what i was able to do with it in the last 20 min(15min modelling, @5min painting) -

i primarily used the Draw, Grab, Crease and Inflate tools to do all this.. used smooth once or twice.

while modelling, you can change between a bunch of material presets and see what the model looks like. i sugest using the default, or one of the non glossy ones while modelling if you have a slow machine.

left click- use current tool
right click- does the opposite of the current tool
"[" to reduce brush/cursor size
"]" to increase brush/cursor size
Middle click- rotate camera
hold "Alt" and Right click for panning camera
Scroll to zoom in or out

didn't need to use anything else so far.

for more, read the file called "documentation.txt"

Before you click on the "Paint" button remember that you won't be able to come back to sculpt mode..
so make sure your done with your model first.

the tools here are very simple too

pretty cool?! for 20min anyway.

the downside is getting these models into the 3d app of your choice.. because its a hirez model, and getting exported in the obj format, it might just be too heavy to work with.. on even faster machines.

but then thats true with all the sculpting tools out there.. except for Blender(in my experience). for using these models in 3ds max or maya, you probably would make a lowrez model and use the normal maps and texturing from here. pretty much the same workflow as Zbrush.

Again, remember this tool is not intended as a replacement for Zbrush and others.. its just an example of what one dedicated individual can accomplish in a short period of time if he has the will. If you see it that way, its quite brilliant in its own right.

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