Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Best thing i saw today - Portal2

Spotted via Kotaku :) -
Glados's freaky cool resurrection!! :yikes:

After all the hours of toiling through the puzzles in the last game, and eventually putting her down.. she's back!!

First the big news! its releasing in.. 2011

Heres the plot so far as i can put together from the fantabulous video above:

- Story is set years after the events in the original game.. as evident from the dilapidated (and overgrown with flora) condition of the Aperture Labs facility

- Glados gets activated somehow.

- She initiates self healing/repairing accross the familliar old facility..

- new gun turrets are coming off the assembly line
- a Personality sphere is shown.. with some addons.. like handles ..
- a cube is seen in one of the shots as are other game/puzzle rooms being re-assembled. so i guess we will definitely see more of the old puzzle gameplay.
- at the end of the trailer she says - "How have you been? I think we can put our differences behind us... for science... you monster." confirming that you are in fact playing as the original orange jumpsuit character from Portal1

According to Brian Crecente over at kotaku(see full article here ).. in the multiplayer mode glados is doing a new experiment where she puts two people/machines(apparently one player is a turret while the other is a personality sphere) through simmilar puzzle scenarios..
(image from wikipedia)
so i guess the multiplayer aspect is co-op most of the time.

Wikipedia has a veritable treasure trove of info on the plot, story, etc click here to go through it.

heres a short excerpt:
"Portal 2 takes place hundreds of years after the first game. Despite her apparent destruction at the end of Portal, GLaDOS remains functional. The player controls Chell, the same protagonist from Portal; retroactively patched just prior to the sequel's official announcement, the ending of the first game shows Chell being dragged away by an unseen figure with a robotic voice, where she has been placed in stasis over the years.[3] The game will again take place in the Aperture Science Labs, untouched by human hands but overrun by decay and nature.[3] The player will interact with many of the numerous personality cores (which were seen activating in the post-credits scene from Portal), which have become active in the intervening years, using the automated systems of Aperture Science to create their own microcosms within the facility.[3] The cores themselves are unable to move save through overhead rail systems. Chell is awoken by one of these, Wheatley, who has become concerned for the state of decay and seeks to correct it. Wheatley acts as the player's guide during the tutorial and initial stages. Soon, the two are introduced to GLaDOS, who is quick to accuse Chell of murdering her years ago.[3]

Two new characters will be introduced for the two-player cooperative mode, which will have its own unique plot and setting.[6] These two yet-to-be-named characters include a modified turret gun and a personality core; both units are bipedal and equipped with their own portal guns.[3] Though once part of the networked facility, they have become separate entities and are treated to similar abuse by GLaDOS while Chell is being put through a series of complicated test chambers."[3]

And heres hands on footage from some guys whom i now envy..

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