Monday, July 19, 2010

Two Beautiful short films depicting - a Dystopian Future

Today i found these beautiful short-films both depicting a "Dystopian Future" theme..
and are done with a epic level of finish!
Check em out below.

The Raven
Set in a grim future scape, a young man with special abilities is chased down the streets of Los Angeles by the law enforcement flying droids.

here's the film

This one's been picked up by a major studio, and is going to be turned into a full length feature.
more info on the makers at

Then theres Pumzi
Here the setting is 35 years after a World War that leaves the survivors with an acute fresh water shortage. The film is quite cinematic and boasts some truely striking visuals.

heres the trailer(couldn't find the full 20min film)-

more info on the film at

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