Monday, October 4, 2010

QR code in trailer

Saw this trailer today..

its for a new tween scifi movie called "I Am Number 4" .. Directed by D.J. Caruso and produced by Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg. Based on the book by Pittacus Lore.

anyway, at the end of the video theres a qr code that shows up..
pointing your phone(with a barcode/QRcode reader running) at it pops up a little video which gives you some extra info on your phone..

if your phone is unable to play the video.. just go here

I'm sure this has been done before.. but for me it seems like the first time it was used properly.. which is why i posted it here :P

I seriously hope this "somewhat refreshing" sci-fi saga helps pull kids out of the clutches of the damned Twilight thing.. (note: since using the term "retarded" is no longer in good taste.. i will now be using the term "damned")
not because i'm a fan or anything(havn't even read the book yet) i'm just fed up of all the teen vampire crap. Gimme aliens and super powered "living" beings anyday. :up:

Now a bit about the book that its based on:
The book is written by Pittacus Lore which is a pseudonym (*cough* publicity gimmick) for the writing duo Jobie Hughes and James Frey(name sound familiar? no? remember the book that Oprah endorsed and became a best seller and then was exposed as..crap.. causing embarrassment to Oprah, frey and his publisher? :whistle: click here for that whole story)

A group of young aliens land on Earth after their own planet is destroyed, secretly integrating themselves into society where they slowly learn they’re developing powers (sound familiar). When those responsible for destroying their planet track them down and begin killing them in sequential order(who knows why they have to be killed in sequential order ;P ), our hero John Smith (otherwise known as Number Four) decides to take on the bad guys, basically because he now has all the super powers and stuff. :right:
Of course he does this while in a love triangle with a fellow extraterrestrial Sarah (Number Six) and a human girl(seriously? :confused: whats with all the super beings and mortal women?).

regardless of the crap surrounding the writers.. and the somewhat cliche story(from the synopsis anyway).. i am looking forward to this film.. its bound to be a good sci-fi entertainer. :hat:

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