Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Black Phone

Blackphone is the world's first smartphone to put privacy and control ahead of everything else. 
Ahead of carriers. 
Ahead of advertising. 

Its the world's first smartphone which prioritizes the user's privacy and control, without any hooks to carriers or vendors. It comes pre-installed with all the tools you need to move throughout the world, conduct business, and stay in touch, while shielding you from prying eyes.
It's the trustworthy precaution any connected worker should take, whether you're talking to your family or exchanging notes on your latest merger & acquisition.
You can make and receive secure phone calls; exchange secure texts; exchange and store secure files; have secure video chat; browse privately; and anonymize your activity through a VPN. It also uses PGP(Pretty Good Privacy.. its used by Symantec) data encryption to protect your data.

Silent Circle and Geeksphone have partnered to combine best-of-breed hardware with all the skills and experience necessary to offer PrivatOS, an Android™ based operating system without the usual compromises.

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Pre-ordering begins at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain. February 24, 2014

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