Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Oscars 2014

Oscar meets the real oscars.. aka Astronotus ocellatus. 

Modelled and textured in Blender. I started out doing a model of the statuette.. then realised that a lot of people have already done that.. so stopped refining mine(its pretty rough) and added a few othe Oscars :)
the Oscar Cichlid was way more easier to model than the rough statuette! 
 decided to leave at this detail.. and then just do the rest with textures.
 the front texture is from a photograph.. the back was painted on..
 the fish were easier to make.. basically they have oblong pancake like bodies with fins

 they all have the same refrence image as a texture.. quick and dirty
 heres the final thing on

Have made the Blender model and textures available at Blendswap. 
click to download

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