Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How its Made - Lego Aliens Model

For a recent contest at Sketchfab.com i created a diorama of a few aliens(Xenomorphs from the Alien franchise) attacking 3 hapless humans.

The constraint was that it all had to be in Lego style.. to coincide with the release of the Lego Movie. The results were annunced today, and this model won 3rd place!
Heres how i built the winning model(3rd place):

To build the basic Lego character I followed a cool tutorial by @PatImrie -
http://www.creativebloq.com/3d/create-your-own-3d-lego-superhero-21410592 While the tutorial is for Maya, the same theory can be applied to any 3d software. I used Blender.

I havnt shown the modelling of the face hugger , guns or other elements as the process there was too haphazard and experimental to show properly in tutorial form. I have however shown how to texture paint in Blender and modify the textures in Inkscape.

The finished Model is viewable below

and my model's source files and textures can be downloaded over at Blendswap - http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/72535

In the model you see all 3 main phases of the xenomorphs' life cycle - the Face hugger, the Chestbuster and the adult. and heres a video explaining the biology of the Xenomorph..

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oh and before i forget.. 
Congrats to the other winners of the contest!
1st prize:

2nd prize:

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