Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Got my Mom a Dell ubuntu

Earlier this year in April i got my mom a Ubuntu laptop for her birthday 

Its a Dell Vostro 2520 Laptop, came preinstalled with Ubuntu. I ordered this one from Flipkart.. all details and specs are here -

Quick specs:
Pentium Dual Core
500 GB HDD

HD* LED Anti-glare Display 15.6 inch screen with 

*1366 x 768 Pixel resolution
Flipkart wasnt my first choice as a place to buy a laptop.. but had to do.. since i couldn't find it on the Dell site(My own current and previous laptops were also Dells that i got directly from Dell)

I have been using ubuntu for years now, and since my mom had frequently used one of my machines that had it(with minimum instructions from me) i decided to gift her, her own laptop. She only does email, writes stuff and skypes sometimes... All things that Ubuntu is perfectly adept at.

The start up config and installation of Ubuntu 12.04 (that the vostro came with) went smoothly and my mom loved it. then a few days later i upgraded it to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS using a thumb drive.. since it wasn't an LTS version it had to do a clean wipe rather than a migration. Nevertheless, it took 20min to complete.

Trusty Tahr looks great on it. the newer graphics drivers plus optimisations in 14.04 make it look really pollished.. the fonts and icons look beautiful on the screen.
note: That screenshot is actually from my other comp.. 

The only weird thing.. or maybe its a joke on the part of the seller: 
it came with a mcaffee disc!! 
heres my tweet about that

The billboards for dell's Ubuntu machine seem to tout libre office as the answer to everyone's wordprocessing needs.. 

However it does have some weird glytches.. my mom kept finding it difficult to enable spell check.. even i had to google the issue to figure out that i had to switch Libre Office to a different dictionary for spell check to be enabled.. minor frustration but worh noting.

NOTE: the bad comments on that flipkart page are from people who are looking for a windows machine, or something with a bit more muscle.. as far as i've seen(and i'm a windows and linux power user of sorts) its hardware surpasses my mom's needs. She uses it to write, facebook, skype and blog. I've installed all the requisite media playing codecs.. so its also a pretty good video and music machine.

To wrap up: I wouldn't buy it for myself.. i do a lot of 3d and 2d graphics work as well as gaming(for my experience with Steam on ubuntu check out - ) however if your needs are the same as my moms.. this is going to be pretty perfect for you.

Have also posted this on incase you want to discuss it there-

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