Thursday, September 4, 2014

Adventures with a Broken Screen

So on Wednesday (27 Aug 2014) i had driven clear across the city and beyond to attend a wedding. The location was so obscure i had to use Google Maps Navigation almost all the way.. this drained about 70% of my battery.

.. obviously i forgot to bring my charger.

So on the way back(again with Google Maps Navigation running) i realized that the battery will definitely die before i reached any recognizable part of town.. thats when i saw a mall.

Decided to stop and buy a car charger from one of its electronics stores. After parking the car i step out and start walking.. when i hear a clunk. 

The Phone had slipped out of my pocket as i climbed out of the car.. 
(since it was a wedding i was wearing a suit.. the trouser pockets were not deep enough.. or too silky..)
It landed on its top right corner.. one of the documented "shatter points" of the otherwise indestructible Gorilla glass.

You can't see it in the picture but there are 4 fine cracks radiating from that point.. spanning right across the screen.

After a few minutes of shock and panic i headed into the mall. Turns out for some reason only one of the food and groceries sections is open today.. no electronics anywhere.

I needed a pitstop anyway .. so after using the facilities i hit the road.. driving hesitantly untill i saw a flyover i recognised.. and then headed home.

After reading through the warranty info and scouring the net, i figured out that my month old Nexus' warranty does not cover nicked, scratched or broken screens. So i proceeded to call the LG service center.. the closest one said they didnt have the necessary parts, but will have it by Monday. 

On Monday i try calling to confirm that the parts are in.. nobody picks up. 
went in anyway.. and no parts. they say the parts will definitely arrive in the evening, so come on the next day.

Tuesday i try calling to confirm that the parts are in.. nobody picks up/lines busy. 
went in anyway.. and no parts. they say the parts will definitely arrive in the evening, so come on the next day.

Now this place is bloody far.. i spent the first half of each day driving to and fro.. 
so back at the studio work had piled up.

I just took the actual technician's number(coz the receptionists were useless) and will call him before going..
This is the guy who will actually do the fixing in front of me.. nice setup.. you get to see the insides of your device etc.. 

Then I got busy busy at work last few days.. plus a client i was counting on is only going to pay me by next week.. lets see..

Then this morning i read that Google is offering free replacements for broken Nexus' in the US..
(they have to be purchased via the Play Store.. and less than a year old)
Now I need to wait and see if this replacement thing comes to india.. I have a t feeling they just want to get rid of inventory.. or are trying to win back disgruntled Nexus5 users who might be tempted to buy an Iphone 6 as it launches in a few days.. 

However it will be really silly if i spend Rs7000.. and the next day google's replacement offer arrives in India :P

The replacement thing is also not thaat ideal .. apparently they may send you a "refurbished" unit as the replacement(have yet to confirm this).. not your original fixed up unit. that gets fixed up and sent to the next joker who breaks his phone.

i guess i could live with that.

UPDATE Tue, Sep 9, 2014

After letting it go for a week, i call again yesterday (monday  Sep 8)... spoke to the technician himself. He checked with someone and tells me there are still no parts. they say the parts will definitely arrive in the evening, so i should check back tomorrow (few hrs from now).

Think they need a new dictionary.. one where "definitely" means "probably” or "possibly".

UPDATE Tue(1pm), Sep 9, 2014

Called today, and the technichian said i could come and get it done today.. So i got there and took a number.. waited my turn.. 

when i get to the service desk a different technician starts to tell me to come back the next day..he says it in Kannada.. i pretend to not understand a word of Kannada. 

The technician i spoke to over the phone is sitting next to him.. they have a brief discussion amongst each other in Kannada(again assuming i don't understand it)..
heres the gist of it:
Tech#1: "we don't have enough spare screens do we?" 

Tech#2: "ya but he's been here before and we've already told him to come here a few times"..pauses.. asks me in english "Where you the one who called me in the morning?"

Me: "Yes I called in the morning.."

Tech#2(again in Kannada to his colleague): "hmm.. i already told him we have spares today.. its ok, we'll ..(something indiscernible)"

Tech#1(to me in English): It will cost 7000(Rs).

Me: "Yes thats fine."

Tech#1: Ok wait 25 minutes. 

He fixed it.. i wasnt able to see him work, because he was attending to other people while working on it.. Then he handed it over to Tech#2 who called me over.. was about to hand it to me then realised the power button was jammed, so he opened it up again and put it back together.. i got to see this process(the back is pried open with a guitar pick like thing..then a bunch of screws).. 

Basically they replaced the screen and housing.. so i wound up with a new screen and sides.. in the pics below you can see the green tape.. actually there was fresh protective tape all around the housing and a temporary screen protector on the screen.

In case your wondering, yes i promptly stuck it in the rugged  Spigen case i had.. and will probably leave it in there for good.

Heres the case with the custom back panel insets i created..

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