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Sunday, November 2, 2014

3d Scans of My Old Paper Machines

I took these pics of some of my old paper machines. Incidently my final project was a pop up book. i wanted to turn them into 3d models using Autodesk 123d Catch.. however the software/service failed to create the models..

The pictures were just gathering dust on my computer, and just when i was thinking of deleting them to make some space i happened upon Autodesk Recap360 another model creation service by Autodesk.. so i gave it a shot.. and voila! it worked!

After a little mesh cleanup on Blender
here are the results..

    Paper Machine Crocobot
    by Chaitanya Krishnan
    on Sketchfab

scan made from these 24 pics

Heres the other one 

Made from 21 pics

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