Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Saw it last night in a regular theatre(non 3d non imax) and it was good enough. Of course i won't have a frame of reference unless i go see it again in imax/3d(hmm i don't know if its in 3d).. but i really can't sit through it again. 

Still my verdict - ★ 
let me explain why i can't give it a 5 rating

Caution.. spoilers start here:

The science was good.. the Escher-esque time-bookshelf-tapestry was mindblowing.. This was the one movie that treated time dilation realistically and made it a seriously heartbreaking part of the plot.

The characters were mostly well developed.. though the robots seemed to have tons more personality than the other crew members.

The robots were brilliant. Took me a few scenes to get used to their weird monolythic form.. 

but like i already mentioned.. what they lacked in form they made up for in spades of personality. I'd watch a movie with just these weird robots in it.

The ship and space sequences were great.. all the cg was pretty faultless.. except for the trippy event horizon shots..when you get really  really close to the distortion it tended to look like bad cg.. to anyone not familiar with the science its trying to depict. 

The damn flash back bits.. did every bookshelf sequence have to be rewatched? got tedious and seemed like a dumbed down way of showing time/travel/contact.. 
Also what bugged me is when Murf runs upto Tom waving the watch around and yelling "it was him" ... just after setting fire to poor Tom's farm. The guy seriously looked like he was about to kill somebody.
The final reunion between Coop and Murf was .. so weird.. theyre meeting after decades.. and it lasts a few seconds of  "it was me"s and "it was you"s  and then she tells him to take a hike, she's got her own kids to spend time with now.. er.. wha?

Final Thoughts.. I loved it for the most part.. wish it had ended a full half hour earlier.. but ok.. i can live with the ending.. i guess. I do recommend it to anyone interested in Science Fiction, space travel and Leaving this messed up eco-disaster of a planet for greener pastures.

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