Thursday, March 2, 2017

Bangalore: A Graphic Novel

A graphic novel I designed just went live (book design project.. none of the art is mine) -

click below:
Available on Kindle for now, coming to Comixology in 3 months.

Bangalore means different things to different people. 
Now 18 artists and writers have come together to present their kaleidoscopic versions of the city through 9 stories. 

This is a city where the sum is greater than the parts, this is a vision which melds past, present and future. 

The contributors range from those born and brought up in the city as well as passing travellers; from those who lost their hearts there as well as those who found the city's secret heart. 

Bangalore: A Graphic Novel is part of Every City is a Story, a unique city-centric storytelling initiative.

Contributors include Harsho Mohan Chattoraj, Devaki Neogi, Appupen, Zac O'Yeah, CG Salamander, Prashant Miranda, Rupesh Arvindakshan, Jai Undurti, Ramya Ramakrishnan, Solo, Ojo, Karn, George Supreeth, Sumit Moitra, Neeraj Menon, Aditya Bidikar, Gunjan Joshi, Sonali Upadhyaya and Zsolt Herman Garcia with cover art by Abhishek Malsuni.

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