Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Send Fcurve based mesh deform data from Blender to Unity

While working on a project I had been using Blender's "bake to fcurve" option to make my models deform in reaction to a sound file. However I reached a massive roadblock when the fcurve data would not transfer to Unity 3d (from where the project had to be deployed).

The answer was in the alembic format. it bakes fcurve data (including noise modifiers etc ) and can be imported to unity. 

Step 1

Export your file as an alembic file from Blender. Use the default settings for now.. if you select the "apply subdivisions" option you will wind up with a massive file.

Step 2

In unity go to the package manager(via asset store) and search for "Alembic" and install the package.

Step 3

Import your alembic file the way you would any fbx. add an animation controller and it works!

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