Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day #1 at Webdesign International Festival 2008

Its day one at WIF2008
heres the team at the hotel, waiting for a bus to take us to the WIF venue

we got delayed coz a reporter from a news channel wanted o talk to us first...then the camera woman joined us on the bus taking the whole contingent of competitors to the venue. I appologize for the time the other teams spent waiting in the bus while we were being photographed. :awww:

the venue is a convention center or something with a large WIF banner in front and two toyota eco friendly vehicles in front. gee i wonder what the contest's theme will be this year.

reporters again-

the tv reporter then interviewed vinil in front of the building and took somemore pictures and video footage..:whistle:

The first seminar i sat in for was by Sacha Gattino a sound designer. the topic was "Sound mobility: a legaacy between art and tech.
he spoke in french and i forgot to grab a translation headset. anyway it was only 45 min long and i liked the examples of audio art he was showing. including a few cool websites. I guess some sounds transcend the barrier of language.:happy:

the second seminar was by Pascal Migayrou the director of Retiss
the topic was:
Archaeology of nanomedia: from self made media to webTV

This guy probably had some good stuff to show, but his mac crashed :mad: and the other machine he was using wouldnt connect to the net.
he mentioned joost, so i left a note asking him to look up miro. anyway he took all our mail ids so he could mail us the stuff he couldnt show us.

net connectivity is quite unreliable here, so will upload more pics later

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