Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ok i took out a Brumak.

Ok so apparently it wasnt that difficult after all, of course i'm not playing in hardcore mode, but still it was a bit easy. Dont let the looks fool you this beast is easier to kill than you'd think

I guess thats what everyone says after theyve done it. :p
So anyway heres how you take down this Gargantuan beast:
1) shoot at his wrist mounted guns until they get disabled...indicated by little explosions going off in them.
2) shoot at the legs to make the brumak stumble forward..
3) the armour protecting the pilot is thrown back for a few seconds, so open up on him. if your lucky you'l get him in the first volley, if not go back and repeat step 2
4) after you kill the pilot theres a cut scene where the rampaging pilot-less brumak runs into some power lines and you have tandoori brumak for lunch.

note: Dom keeps getting injured, if you're particularly good at rolling and dodging then go ahead and help him :mad: .

After getting killed a couple of times while trying to help him i got fed up :furious: . he doesnt help in this battle anyway. and he's not going to die if you take out the brumak fast enough. so i ignored him and just handled the brumak myself :whistle: .

The original Xbox release of the game did not have this level :down: . It was released with the PC version only. however now apparently you can download it or something for the xbox version :hat: .
Am currently on the train, trying to stop some bomb or something. I know the game is about to end, so am taking it slow...hope to drag it out for a day or two :rolleyes: .

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