Monday, April 7, 2008

Fighting the Brumak

Was playing Gears of War(PC) over the weekend. Have reached the final chapter :D and am battling the Brumak :yikes: .

You run into this monster erlier on in the game, but only have to dodge and run from him.

But now you have to stand your ground and fight the fracking monster

To make things worse Dom keeps getting injured and you have to keep helping him.
The Brumak is this gargantuan creature with weapons strapped onto its wrists and back. Its piloted by a Locust warrior. Once you kill this pilot, it basically goes berserk... so i hear anyway. I keep getting killed.
heres a clip of from starjay001 on youtube who has apparently done it lots of times. :eek:

Anyway I guess I just have to figure out its weak spots like you have to do with the Corpser.
heres a pic of that old monster.

In case someone out there hasn't killed the corpser yet, heres how you do it:
basically it doesn't shoot at you, just stomps at you with its huge spider legs, so roll or sidestep, when you see it taking a jab at you. Whenever you get a clear shot at its stomach, fire away...thats one of its weak spots..then when you get the chance, empty some rounds into its chin/throat... that really does some damage...and it stumble backwards.
keep pushing it back until its on this bridge like thing that caves in under its weight. then just shoot up the remaining bridge supports that the Corpser is hanging onto, and tada! barbecued corpser :hat: .

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