Wednesday, April 23, 2008

last day in Paris(france) and first evening in Ghent(belgium)

well the last day in paris was fun, I got to visit the Centre Georges Pompidou(whats that?)
its a cool structure built with some innovative techniques . its now the museum of modern art.
heres some pics from there

click here for some more pics
heres some video from this amazing place..

we saw some awesome modern art. I even saw one of Joseph beuys' felt covered pianos :p
later we said goodbye to the gang from Dici design and left paris at around 2pm.

as you can see it was a pretty monotonous bus ride

we reached Ghent(where's that?) around 7pm, had our lunch, and rested. At around 10:30pm when the sun finally set, and all the lights came on, we headed out for our first glimpse of the city.

heres some cool graffitti isaw a few meters from arvind and celine's house.

and heres the Peace Canon

heres the story-
the city of ghent built a huge canon to scare off their enemies... blah blah
on the day that it was fired for the first time, it made a really loud bang!
However the canonball only flew a few dissapointing feet away.
So since it obviously hated war, the canon was named the "Peace Canon" or "Canon of Peace" .

hers some videos from our stroll around town...

more to come tomorrow, with better lighting.

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cool photos, nice page layout also

chaitanyak said...

thank you glad you like it