Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spore Creature creator Trial version

Downloaded this trial last night. Been hearing a lot about Spore on all the gaming sites, so decided to check it out. The Youtube videos from GDC and e3 were amazing. Then yesterday they released the trial version of the creature creator app. so here it is

Note the system requirements...pretty high.
Its a really well designed 3d app in its own right, even without the game!
building the character is intuitive, so is painting it. You get a "test run" mode where you can actually make it run, spin, dance etc..... and...wait for it
you can take pictures, record video AND UPLOAD TO YOUR YOUTUBE ACCOUNT !!! and you can have it create a lil animated gif avatar too!!
heres one of the creatures i created in just a few minutes.
Name: Gooba Khan
the avatar:

the larger pic:

and the videos that got uploaded to youtube:

tried a colour variation here:

you can get the spore Creature creator Trial version here Just make sure you have a system that can handle it, as you can see above, the recommended vista rating is 4.

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