Thursday, June 12, 2008

Creating the Carbon chomper

This is just to document the process i went through while developing the character for a game we built at work (at Flip Pixel). The game was for World Environment day 2008. Click here for the original post and here for the game itself.

The game was developed by me, Vinil and Bala. Me and Vinil did the art and created the assets, while bala programmed the game itself.

so anyway i started with some sketches like so

the innitial ones where a robot that either hovered or ran on wheels, had arms, suction hoses etc..

later i started looking at a more "robodog" like character, something that seemed like its sole purpose was to chomp on stuff... hence the teeth instead of the suction hose..

Vinil and KT(the resident product designer) liked this character too,
so it was off to modeling it on 3dsMax(did i mention we had to finish his game in a day :ko: which is why we did'nt do any more iterations on the charater design :nervous: )
At this stage we did a few gameplay tests in flash. I had been multitasking by, converting the background assets created by vinil in Illustrator and giving them to bala as lightweight flash assets. Bala in turn had been working on the code using these assets, and the standing assets of he chomper-bot(grey renders as seen above). i animated the chomping action in max, and the other stuff, like wheels, and extender-lift stuff was done in flash.
then i started working on the materials, coz these would take a while to create and render.

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heres the game in a smaller size,without the cool background score(linking issue)

for the full size with sound go here

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