Sunday, June 1, 2008

Zoe, Femmes du Monde

These are some postcards i picked up from an exhibition in paris.





Wen Hui

It was my last day in France, a few hours before we had to head for the airport. Was going through the Musée de l'Homme near the eiffel tower, and then i saw a poster for "ZOE, Femmes du Monde"(Women of the World)

Its a collection of paintings and photographs by artist Titouan Lamazouwho spent six years traveling the world to record women's stories in words and images.

He photographed, and painted around 230 women since he began his travels in 2001. all these women come from drastically differnt backgrounds, from the wife of a taliban leader, to a garbage sorter(Tiane, postcard above) in Rio de Janeiro, who later (thanks to some of his photographs) landed a modeling contract!
Anyway theres more pics on his site, and you can buy his book on amazonIt has the entire collection and stories in it.

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