Thursday, June 19, 2008

How much does Spore Creature Creator cost in your country?

Got a shock today when i went to the EA india online site to check the prices of the Spore Creature Creator

On the Worldwide site it costs a lot less! see below
Unfortunately the "Worldwide" site is only for USA and canada :confused: so it doesnt complete my transaction...strange..

will try later with a different card. Unless of course they fix what i assume is a bug on the indian site. :nervous:

In the meantime according to EA More Than 250,000 Spore Creatures have been Created!
Fans are apparently uploading more than two creatures every second since launch! :D
heres the ones ive created so far

Gooba khan

Wooba khan

Wooba khan's kids


Shadowwprince said...

Well right now (19th June) spre creature creator doesnt even exist in the Aus store, the trial version is there but no purchaseable copy which is a shame as the free parts arent too flash

chaitanyak said...

hmm sad. hope they fix the problem with the australian store too

anonymous said...

bored writes:is taht the whole game?

chaitanyak said...

"Spore Creature Creator" as the name suggests is a separate app that one can run without a copy of the full spore game.

anonymous said...

buggie writes:

how much does it cost in new york

anonymous said...

Anonymous writes::confused: idk

anonymous said...

Ryan77419 writes:Spore is a great game! It lets me create byond my imagination!