Friday, July 18, 2008

PSP custom Firmware 4.01M33 and 1.5 addon

Well it was overdue for a couple of weeks. Now i have officially updated my PSP to team M33's PSP custom Firmware 4.01M33 and 1.5 addon. Most of my old homebrew and plugins(vsh menu, screen capture, battery power..etc.) are working on it, so alls well so far :happy:

For the record i skipped a couple of firmware releases and went straight from 3.8M33 to 4.01M33 coz...well there was no major update that i needed to bother about. Not quite sure wether the updates in 4.01 are worth it either, but anyway will findout soon enough.
you can download all the necessary files from here you will also need the official update file from sony, download that here. also remember to read through all the instructions. I will not be responsible for anything that goes wrong.


anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:

where can i download

chaitanyak said... (if you didn't know that , you need to be careful with what your doin. you might mess up your psp)

chaitanyak said...

best of luck anyway

anonymous said...

lowdog writes:cool theme! where could i download?

chaitanyak said...

i sort off just googled it :} ...the wallpaper is a stargate atlantis and SG1 mashup...cant remember where i got it..the icon theme is ubuntu...can't remember where i found it.. check here