Friday, July 18, 2008

Radiohead uses laser images (holograms?) to create their latest music video

Gadzooks! All you fellow trekkies and sci-fi fans better get excited now!
The Hollodeck from Star Trek might just be realised within our lifetime!

Radiohead is using some fancy lasers to create some great looking images..
heres how the technology works:
"The Geometric Informatics scanning system employs structured light to capture detailed 3D images at close proximity, and was used to render the performances of Radiohead's Thom Yorke, the female lead, and several partygoers. The Velodyne Lidar system uses multiple lasers to capture large environments in 3D, in this case 64 lasers rotating and shooting in a 360 degree radius 900 times per minute, capturing all of the exterior scenes and wide party shots."

Ok i admit its all over my head, but the images below look pretty cool don't they?

Its all done with a bunch of lasers, and apparently they won't be using camera's for this video.
for more on this click here

heres the music video

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