Friday, July 18, 2008

Versus the Witcher

Played a few rounds of the online Witcher game with my friend KTthomas at work today :cheers:

the game has a few things i have to gripe about. mainly when it comes to finding people you know, and challenging them. the "email an invite" option doesnt work half the time. and the chat rooms keep getting disconnected. the list of names, is difficult to navigate, since its not in alphabetical order.

Anyway i somehow managed to locate thomas on the site, and we went a few rounds.
heres one of the rounds that i won

was fun...
until their server crashed or something.

I blogged about the pc game a while back... i still havnt finished it, its really good, but i just don't get enough time to play it these days :( (click here for that post)
I'm generally vary of things that sound like they may be satanic(yes i go to church and read the bible) but this game isnt like that, its more in the fantasy realm, like the Tolkien series.

anyway this online version of the game is a good way to bust some stress at work. its a turn based game, so you don't have to spend too much time away from "work" while you play it. Although you might want to think twice before playing it at work. I don't really have o worry coz, i can call it "research" since i work on web games anyway.

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