Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weird problem with 3dsMax 2009 : disabled object attrubutes

Was working with 3dsMax 2009 today and had this weird issue.
whenever i tryed to access the display properties of certain objects from the properties menu, i saw this

basically practically all the frackin options were disabled!
anyway after fiddling around for quite a while i finally discovered that it's this stupid "by object/By Layer" button that needs to be pressed to enable all the options.

Once you press these wo butons, the options get enabled

the problem is that in the dark skin that button looks like a "disabled" button, so you won't guess that you just have to click it! apparently its a common issue with people who use the "design" edition of max 2009.

This version of max has by far the most number of irritating changes, that the average power user like me has to figure out all over again.

Don't get me wrong, i love the mental ray presets, and stuff. but the number of things i have to relearn is just overwhelming sometimes.
Another gripe,
Is anyone really using the "view cube" and "steering wheels" ?
well if you are, wait till this happens to you :irked:

after it got in the way the first few times, i just disabled it. atleast while i'm modelling anyway.
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