Sunday, October 26, 2008

Finally playing Bioshock

Finally decided to sit and play through Bioshock this week.

I've had the game for months. back when i got it I played it for a few hours, until i ran into the first big daddy that you have to fight(not the cut scene one) killed in like 3 seconds :( . Anyway i then got distracted by other more traditional games like Timeshift, Gears of War(pc), Frontlines-Fuel of War and Kane and Lynch. anyway am back on it now, and have killed a bunch of big daddies!!

I think what put me off at first was the shockingly scary characters(i have played doom)..these guys and gals reeeally creeped me out when i started the game.

Anyway once you get the hang of switching weapons and powers...and combining them in combat... you can take them out easily.

lets see how it goes..
even did a few doodles of the big daddies

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