Wednesday, October 1, 2008

GPS Cycle Computer v2.27

Found this cool GPS track logger yesterday. Its got a simple touch screen interface.

The app has been developed by AndyZap and runs smoothly on my HTC Pharos. Its great for when you want to save a gps track of your journeya nad then see it later on Google Earth or simillar mapping apps and sites that use .kml / .gpx files.
heres what it looks like on my phone:

and heres what the tracks(yellow line) look like on google earth:

this is the route i took yesterday from work to home to avoid traffic jams.

the mess at the end of the line is where i reached home and forgot to stop the recording.. gps kind went crazy :)

one of the key features is that it can switch the GPS on and off ad preset intervals, to reduce your battery consumption.
you can read more about it at the official XDN-developers forum page and if you have a gps enabled windows mobile touch screen device, go ahead and download it.


anonymous said...

Anonymous writes:did you really want everyone to know where you live?

chaitanyak said...

:) best of luck finding your way with this squigly route...