Wednesday, October 29, 2008

HTC Home Customizer, and PocketScreen1.3

Got this neat app from, its a cool app that lets you customise all kinds of suff on your HTC windows mobile's home screen. What I really like is that it lets me create custom clocks! all i have to do is save each digit as a png of a particular dimension.. aetc. and then plonk it in a folder. the app lets me switch between clocks using a simple drop down menu.
heres a bunch i did sometime back.

apart from playing around with fonts, i created my own with hand symbols :)
it was tricky coz, well you know, theres only 5 fingers on each hand. :) so for numbers 6-9 i use two hands! heres the full set of numbers(0-9) represented by hands

Hand symbol clock by ~chaitanyak on deviantART
click the image above to see a larger image and download them at deviant art

am using PocketScreen1.3 to take screenshots right now. download it here
for the 6-tab version of the home plugin click here
heres the doodle i'm using as the wallpaper. drew it on the phone itself, using VS paint(mentioned long back)

RedArrows by ~chaitanyak on deviantART


anonymous said...

emunutz writes:Very nice clocks!! The quality is excellent. I'm the author of HHC and it's nice to see people still actively using and creating for the application. Keep up the good work!

chaitanyak said...

this wouldn't be possible without your excellant app! thanks for dropping by :)