Saturday, October 18, 2008

incredible real life surfing rats

As of posting this, it hasn't yet been reported as a hoax... still i am looking for a video.. anyway, for now just look at the pic below and let your jaw drop.

in a nutshell this kid Boomer Hodel has trained his pet rats Tofu and Fin how to surf.. and they even have their own favourite tricks! He built these miniature "rat-sized" surfboards for them and all!

If you'r brain has recovered and is still functional go ahead and click this link for more from the original article


ok this didnt take long to find.. apparently not only is this not a hoax,
but surfing rodents isn't exactly old news..
theres actually another set of rats that have been surfing for a while now..
see the video below

their names are Chopsticks, Bunsen, Harry & Curly and aparently have been surfing for over 3 years
just google "The radical Rodents" and you'll find tons of stuff on them

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