Tuesday, September 30, 2008

blogging from Flock!

Started using Flock today. logo of flock a friend of mine has been using it since it first came out. i decided to try it out after opera started having problems with some of the social sites and blogs that i usually access. lets see how it goes.. ... ok so i cant insert images directly like with Windows Live Writer. or maybe theres a different way to do it. for now i just get an "insert image url" option... maybe its to do wih the integration of this particular blog API.. Flock also seems to slow down everynow and then... something i'm not used to with my 4gigs of ram.. hmm so looks like blogging on flock will have to wait. blogs for now am trying it with a wordpress blog and an Opera blog(movable type API i think). for tghe opera blog i had to look around the interwebs to figure out what api to specify... the movable type option didnt work... then i came upon this: "http://my.opera.com/<your usernam>/blog/api/" this is what i'm using for now.
Blogged with the Flock Browser


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