Friday, September 12, 2008

Fun website: ChateauBizar

Recently at Flip Design, me and the team (Balamurugan, Vinil, Arvind, anoop and everyone else at FL!P) finished work on a cool website:

What i really liked about the project was the fact that i had actually been to the castle where this even is taking place! Castle Gravensteen is in Ghent and dates back to the middle ages. The other weird/cool thing about the castle is that it houses the museum of torture.

One of the other cool things i got to do during this project was create a 3d model of the castle itself :) just so we could render views of the castle that were otherwise not possible to get through photographs (ok so we didnt really use that many views.. guess it was a bit of an overkill)
heres some of the renders..

heres a turntable render of the model

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