Friday, September 12, 2008

new apps on my windows mobile phone

added 3 new things to my HTC Pharos P3470 today:

File Explorer Extension
This is an addon to the standard windows mobile file explorer. it adds all the features it should have had in the first place.

Features i liked:
# Real time image preview; now you don’t have to open several files in order to send the one you desire
# Open with Program allows you easily select an application to open the specific file you select (useful in case you don’t have the correct file associations or when you want Album app to open your images instead of Windows default picture viewer.)
# Sending shortcut to Programs for instant shortcut creation of executables placed directly in Programs folder in Start Menu.

full feature list and download link here

3D AltTab 0.4 - Animated Task Switcher
This is simillar to the way beryl switches between multiple desktops, but here it does it between tasks... something even the HTC Touchflo can't do(to my knowledge). To be fare, it is not touch screen controlled yet, but then assigning a key is pretty easy. and in hindsight more convenient anyway.

full feature list, video of it in action and download link here

Dynamo3 - finger Friendly Task Switcher

heres a task switcher thats simillar to the kind you find in vista and on most new macs.
full feature list and download link here

found all these goodies over at , check them out, they have a pretty nice invetory of free windows mobile apps and hacks.

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