Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Giant 3d text in Fringe

Of all the new shows that started this year, Fringe isn't my favourite... X-files fan that i am. and this show being a polar opposite to the x-files when it comes to paranoia and conspiracies.

However i do like watching the trippy "fringe science" cases that they deal with in each episode, and i love the Giant 3d text. I like the way its all camera tracked and has seemingly accurate lighting and reflections.. thumbs up to the guys behind it. Its eerie the way the First-person-view camera sometimes, walks or drives through it.

I really love the Giant 3d text! here's some examples of the good ones from the those i've seen so far(warning big images). note: all images are property of the creators of the show.

the show titles are nice too...
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