Thursday, September 18, 2008

Got my copy of Flatout2 today

As mentioned in a previous post I'd won the hird prize in a cg challenge.
the 3rd prize was a 50% discount on the iZ3D monitor , and a copy of the Flatout 2 game
heres my entry that won the prize:

anyway the UPS guy delivered the game yesterday. I know its a really old game and a newer version might be out soon(if not already) but its ok i guess.
anyway heres some pics of it.

along with the game box i got an interesting kindof-pop-up brochure for the iz3d monitor.

the thing that bugged me a wee lil bit was the Rs536.00 import duty that i needed to pay for the package... which is like paying almost half, coz the game costs Rs926.33 on Steam.

anyway it is a really good game, so i don't mind :cheers:
have a look at this review:

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