Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Avenger model is in a game mod!! yipee!

A few months back i modelled my bike(see old post) on max. i'd put some renders of it on youtube and other places.

anyway after that this dude Sharan who works on GTA mods, contacted me about it. I liked his work so i gave him my model to see if it could be of use to him (its just taking up space on my hard disc anyway). It was useful to them!!
check out these pics he just sent over(ingame screenshots):

click here for sharan's blog he had to do a lot of work(obviously because my model had 13lakh polys ! :whistle: ) befor the model could go into the game. kudos to him and his team :) :cheers:
heres the link to Carbongear where all this modding happens
heres the page where you can track the WIP (work in progress)requires a login...
heres some pics from there

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