Friday, March 20, 2009

Teaching myself Blender3d: 30 minutes a day

Earlier his week i decided to spend 20-30min everyday to judiciously work on learning Blender3d. I love 3ds Max, but its only going to get more and more expensive...and way out of my budget; so its about time i switched to something thats just as good yet 100% free :up:

Been doing it for the last 3 days. so far have figured out basic modelling, and some lighting and materials.. today i figured out how to use ambient occlusion to simulate GI. Intrestingly its a lot easier than any of the GI methods i used to use in 3dsmax :cheers: .

after doing a few tutorials i've now started modelling my own stuff. Having an extensive background in 3dsmax, has made things easier..
So far it looks pretty promising, although i wish the more advanced tutorials were available freely.. feels strange that the app is opensource but the advanced tutorials on how to use it are not :ko:
hopefully in a few months i'l be working exclusively on blender3d.
heres a few early renders(using the built in engine... need to figure out Yafaray or one of the other renderers eventually)

theres some weird artefacts in that last render using ambient occlusion.. looking in to it now..

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