Monday, March 9, 2009

Augmented 3D Mini Cooper magazine ad is so cool!

These augmented 3d things caught my eye a while back when i saw this experimental showcase of the technology. And now theres a few newer practical uses for it being demonstrated..

Basically you instal the software that comes with the magazine, or go to a particular webpage, and then hold the magazine so the webcam can see it, once it recognises the designated refrence points in the print ad, it starts tracking them and places the 3d content in that area.. on the screen.

i went to the link at the end of the video(its all in german, but i managed to figure that you can download the pdf of the advert and print it.. so i did, next i opened the site in Internet explorer, (since nothing seemed to be happening in either flock or opera)... and tadaaa!! it asked me to install a plugin... took about 15-20min to download and install and it worked!!! it detects the webcams connected(in my case the built in one at the top of the screen)... you click on it and it works!!!

this is so awesome!

note: its a bit glitchy if your in a low light area, or if theres toomany colour/contrasting objects in your background.

There are more demos here just click on the square glyph button to print out the files for them.. these work better than the mini cooper one.

Theres also a baseball card thing in the works from disney, click here to see a video of that that.

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