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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Punisher II : Warzone

Saw PunisherII: Warzone a few hours ago.

Been a while since i saw a good action movie. Best Punisher movie so far, and by far the bloodiest Marvel movie ever! I mean they've not pulled any punches at all... badguys get their skulls smashed in, blown away and ripped off!! the plot is nice and simple and the bad guys are well ballanced. The action starts from the very beginning of the movie...hooks you into the plot... and just goes on and on!

Will probably watch this one again and again :up: its like one of the old really good Rambo movies.

Punisher Warzone is a limited edition comicbook series by marvel, the movie is very loosely based on it, yet manages to be the best punisher movie so far.

heres some stuff related to the comic series:
Executive Editor Axel Alonso talks to Marvel Hotline about the series
Original(older series) covers

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