Thursday, May 6, 2010

Earthwave Launched

We(Flip design) started a new venture called Earthwave last month.. its mainly about teaching kids how to make changes in their day to day lives in order to help the environment. The project covers various areas, from out door activities like camps, DIY workshops, online interaction and school competitions.

We kicked off the website this month,

its at
theres also a facebook page here
and you can follow all updates on the twitter page at

We also started an eco film festival and Quiz Competitions at various schools this month. so far we've organised it at Army Public school and Treamis World School here in Bangalore. Basically we screened a few animation films with eco themes, and based on one of the films the kids had to answer a question and drop it in a box.. from which we later picked a lucky winner and announced it on the site.
Winners will get a camping bag with a fancy navigational compass, a windup flashlight and other goodies!

We had a live quiz session during which we gave away prizes like badges and tshirts... special Earthwave tshirts..

heres some of the latest batch of "endangered wildlife" themed t-shirts, that i designed :)

Ganges River Dolphin

Malabar Squirrel

Bengal Tiger

Indian Vulture

These tshirts have been designed for screenprint, hence the limited number of colours.
for now i just have one of these plain white "organiser" tshirts

pics from one of the school events are on the FB group page here

heres a video of some of the highlights

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