Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kane and Lynch2: Dog Days Trailer - welcome to Shanghai

Just found these action packed trailers for Kane and Lynch2: Dog Days Trailer...

So, basically Lynch's been living i Shanghai for a while.. and now Kane comes to town for some work.. and decides to hangout with him.. Lynch takes him allong on one of his "collection" rounds.. and thats when things take a turn for the worst.. and all hell breaks loose.

and this trailer's for one of the multiplayer modes

Its called "Undercover cop". you and other players are part of a team of criminals who have to pull off a heist.. and just like the old multiplayer heists in the old Kane and Lynch game, after or during the heist team members can choose to kill each other to get larger shares in the money. However in this version, you have the added complexity of the Undercover Cop. one player is randomly assigned the undercover cop position.. this guy's secret mission is to sabotage the heist by any means necessary, without revealing his agenda.. coz otherwise the others would be on to him.. and riddle him with bullets. :whistle:

This one is "Fragile Alliance", you and your allies have 4 min to pull off the heist.. and you can choose to kill team members for a larger share of the money.. however, the dead team member will respawn as a cop, and try to come get you.. :yikes:

also the official box art for the Xbox version has been revealed on the site, looks like this-
the site's also now alive with content ranging from trailers, to screenshots, etc..

so go take a look yourself.

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