Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pocket Legends on GT i5801

Now that i've been running froyo for a few months i've managed to maintain enough of free space on the phone's internal memory. So i've been trying out all the games that have large memory requirements and don't support app2sd.

Heres one such app. Pocket Legends.
Its actually a fully functional 3D MMO that runs on mobiles!

for better screenshots and videos go to the app market page here

so anyway, it requires 26Mb of internal memory and a decent net connection.. actually i havn't tried it on gprs yet, will post an update once i do. have also shot a video of it running on my Samsung Galaxy 3 (GT I5801) running the froyo rom of the European I5800. Will post the video as soon as its done uploading to Youtube, for now heres some stills ...

This is what it the characters look like up close..

i played like this for a while, then decided to increase the distance between the camera and character so you can see more of the terrain.. which is useful in an MMO

.. so this is what it looks like now

you can move around by either using the onscreen joystic/trackpad(which i hate in most of these touchscreen games) or you can just tap at a spot and your avatar walks over. same way you can tap on an npc, enemy or prop and your avatar interacts with them appropriately

heres a video of what it looks like in action. note the sluggishness in the control response

The game performed better than i expected, there was some lag in the controls, but i haven't gotten into any frenetic battles yet, so time will tell what thats like.

so far killing the zombies and slaying the first demon character was a lot of fun.
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