Friday, April 8, 2011


It arrived! on sunday I'd spoken to my aquarium guy about getting a heavy duty external filter for my Cichlid tank. He told me about the different brands available, and me being on a tight budget..all the time, decided to go with the more economical yet robust option of a Chinese model.

installation pics and details below: ...

the Sunsun HW-303A OUT SIDE FILTER .. payed a deposit for it on sunday and then it finally arrived last night.
Got the whole setup for Rs3500 .. was it a good decision? only time will tell. The other more popular brands cost almost double.. and where way out of my budget for this month, also if this works fine, will be getting one for the office cichlid tank as well.

As you can see its basically a fancy plastic bucket with a pump on top.. inside there are 3 filter trays. The Aquarium guys gave me a pouch with charcoal in it.. its called an activator.. basically you put it in one of the trays and it as the filter runs through its cycle, the charcoal absorbs any toxins. More on Activated Carbon here.

Anyway hooking it up went without a hitch.. have set it up behind the TV. coz.. that was the only space available.

Outlet goes here..

Inlet on the opposite end of the tank which is great, coz that corner really needs heavy maintenance.

lots of fat green pipe here :)

the dirt skimmer is a bit cna't see it here, but it keeps popping off the tube and floating away.
i already have some simple hacks in mind that should make it work

made an extender tube with some rolled up cellophane and couple of rubber bands.. will post an update on that later

anyway filter specs are here -

and heres a video someone put up of the assemby/dissassembly

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