Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Discovered this grid computing project that i can finally use in my Blender work. It uses the same Boinc platform that i've blogged about before(here).
This one is for distributing your cg render load across the massive worldwide user base

"Our volunteer computing network gives 3D artists access to near limitless free rendering power from anywhere, anytime. We enable people to create higher quality 3D art and encourage them to share it. By volunteering your computer today, you can be a part of the revolution and help make the next Sintel, Shrek or Toy Story!" -

to know about the "licensing" of the rendered footage go here -
in brief:
The output of rendered sessions is covered by copyright. All rights are by default reserved to the author of the session; this includes the right to redistribute and use the output commercially.

However, people wanting to use the rendering power offered by need to choose an output license from the ones offered by the service. We base our licensing on the alternatives of Creative Commons listed below. The selected license will govern how the community and the public may use the output.

more info at their site -

NOTE: as of now it only supports Blender. for distributed computing options for other 3d softwares checkout - DrQueue which is another FOSS alternative.. although its not a Grid-computing project.. so you have to have a bunch of machines or a farm of your own.

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