Thursday, August 18, 2011


Saw this DIY - for a folding key holder last week, and decided to make one myself. This guy used an existing multi tool for the project. I decided to build it from scratch with wood or metal i could find scrounge up from somewhere. so decided to get in touch with by product designer buddies KT and Hidish. We decided to get together at a workshop belonging to Hidish's design studio Bent .. spent about half a day at it.. all the while learning useful stuff like how to Tap the threads in a metal tube etc..

we decided to put screws on either end so that i can open this thing up later and add or remove more keys, knife blades or tools. Am quite happy with the results. Wrapped it in some elastic chord i found lying around at home.. will find something more suitable later(maybe leather or something like that).

have only put 3 keys for now.. will add some screwdrivers, or other odds and ends on the opposite side later.

here are some detailed instructions

We plan on getting together again and work on other more advanced projects.. lets see how it goes
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