Friday, August 12, 2011

Ridiculous Tata Photon Plus

While i was in Delhi last month, i used my dad's Tata Photon device to get online.. it was quite reliable and fairly fast. Naturally i decided to get one for myself. So i did, once back in Bangalore

Unfortunately the speeds since day one(or rather the day it got activated) were pretty disappointing.

the website says that you get upto 3mbps ..

obviously you know this will not be the case, but you expect it to be atleast close to it.. like 2mbps..
but i get on average sub 1mbps speeds.. and ridiculous upload speeds(44kbps)

when i got in touch with them, this is the mail i got(had specified a phone response)

basically they now say that 1mbs is the average i should get.

so in a nutshell. Tata Photon sucks.. in the parts of Bangalore where i live(kamanahalli) and work(RTNagar) at anyway.
lets see.. will try it for a few more months..especially outside of Bangalore before i give it the boot.

or maybe i just had high hopes
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